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Gas Trains

Sohum Auto Gas is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company following the national and international quality processes to design a range of Gas Trains. They are widely used with efficient Burner Control Systems for controlling the quantity as well as rate of gas from fluid to burner. They are ideal to be utilized in different application areas from block-type thermal power stations to gas motors to gas blower burners. They are designed using a modern combination of advanced technology with the best quality materials to ensure to provide application specific designs for industrial furnaces, thermal power stations, steam boilers etc. In addition, they are also employed in different thermal production processes.

Parts or Components- Gas Trains

  • Slam-Shut Off Valve
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Main Pressure Regulator
  • High And Low Pressure Safety Switch
  • Gas Connector Ball Valve
  • Flow Monitor
  • Flame Arrestor
  • Filter
  • Dual Safety Shut Off Valve

Working Principle- Gas Trains

  • These trains are available with the filter part that is utilized to eliminate dirt and dust from the gases to ensure to provide no harm to regulator parts.
  • Slam shut-off valve is always kept in open position. When the outlet pressure is increased beyond a definite limit, the supply is automatically cut off by the valves to secure the system.
  • The function of safety relief valve is to provide extra safety and ideal backup to Slam Shut-off Valve.

Why Choose These Gas Trains?

The designs of our gas trains are innovative and perfect for ensuring improved control of managing the rate of gas flowing from a gas supply to burner. It has in in-built sensor which calculates the flow rate of fluid. These can be easily used in various conditions such as at different air pressure, fuel flow pressure, temperature and others.

Recognition & Accreditation- Gas Trains

  • Approved by CE Mark
  • As per ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • Compatible with all types, models and brands of Gas Burner Systems
  • Extensive dealer network across India with 80 retrofitting centers

Gas Trains Are Recognized By:

  • Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited
  • Honeywell Automation India Limited and varied other national / international organizations

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